Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Tree'mendous Prize

I recently won RHS photo competition on Heathrow Airport Facebook page for £250's worth of garden vouchers and have been out on a spending spree. I have spent 10 years developing my garden and this prize was the icing on the cake or in this case the  final trees in the garden and helped me  put the final touches to a calming scent filled country cottage garden.
We moved to the property 10 years ago our pretty large garden consisted of  one pretty large and ugly  pampas grass, there were also numerous burnt bonfire piles, buried carpets and loads of buried car parts in the garden we knew we had our work cut out to create the perfect garden blisters and skips (skip hired was comp win) later we could get started .
 We used odd shaped burnt ash piles to create shrub areas where we planted evergreens which flourished.  We then set about developing our traditional country cottage garden by planting traditional plants that you would expect to find from rabbits ears, hollyhocks, foxglove, daisies, marigolds, lavender and gladioli.
We then decided we would like to turn the top end of the garden into an orchard, what makes an orchard you may ask? well 7 fruit trees makes an orchard so even with a small garden you can create an orchard by planting seven dwarf fruit trees.Our choice of fruit trees were made up of two pears, two apple, one plum, one cherry and one damson with that our orchard was complete, we fenced it off from the rest of the garden and placed our chicken house in there so our two feathered girls can roam without the fear of our Airedale chasing them around the garden for entertainment.  The fruit trees where from Garden express also Facebook competition win. Another win for garden was a large BBq and steamer  with wood burning chips.
Our garden is not finished yet (more ideas) we are now eagerly looking for a good shed we can use as an office and have the place where it will go earmarked already.
Harry gives thumbs for our choice
Harry plants one of the 10 lavenders plants
taking rest from planting three trees..

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