Sunday, 6 October 2013

Harry's Capture the Colour..

Following the success of last summer's photo blogging competition 'Capture the Colour', Travel Supermarket teamed up with Venture Photography have launched Kids Capture the Colour, an exciting challenge for children.. So let Harry take you on an adventure of Colour with the chosen colours of red, green, white, yellow and blue..with a world waiting to explore, pictures to be taken and sandwiches packed let us begin..

Dad in blue shirt and a friend

Signs on the way
Blue barge
tree roots curling down the bank
spot the bear?
come on mum, i got picture's to take..

My day out on the Canal was full of colour which I captured for the colour competition. Wearing my blue top for a summer day. We left house with the yellow begonias I help plant glowing like the sun. We arrived at the canal to travel down the canal on a gleaming red canal barge, pulled by horse with tufts of white in his black mane. As we glided down the canal with blue skies and passing overgrown green grassy banks, which the horse enjoyed at his rest stops. We passed green, blue and colourful barges some had hand painted pots on with colourful flowers in. We stopped for lunch and tied the boat around white stump on the bank, these looked like soldiers all lined up down the canal side, I took a picture of them all standing to attention. Me and my  brother had great day and I managed to capture the colour's all the way.. I did let mum take one photo of me and my brother having a rest reading a red book.

time for lunch ~ Green