British Gas Desk Landscapes Competition Entry

My World

With a growing number of people working from home or who just need a desk for general internet use our Shabby chic desks have become very popular. A recent customer review was the bureau was just what she needed, not formal but fits in with home environment. Combining easy storage for your laptop and office equipment to be locked away safely at night or when you are away.

Here are few example of the desk I have restored and used  to make our working area in the corner of my cottage sitting room. Having a small cottage does means i need good desk with plenty of room for all my bits to be stored safely and easy available.  The Pigeons holes are great for filing or sorting letters into date.

My Interesting Workplace  

Everything has a place 
In the corner of cottage in the Shropshire countryside a small desk turns into my world for me research the internet for inspiration for furniture to lovelying restore for your home. A window looks out over rose garden and light beams in over the besk, the small area gives homely environment, making it relaxed place to work with fresh cut flowers and mug of tea my interesting workplace is million miles away from hustle and bustle of city life.

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