Wednesday, 29 May 2013

from you to me: Father's Day Competition - Enter Now

'My Dads allotments is car park..'

from you to me: Father's Day Competition - Enter Now: With Father's Day on Sunday 16th June, I wanted to express what Dads can mean to us. This photo is of my Dad who inspired me to set up my own business, be independent and the person who I'am today.. wife, mother and researcher of life things.This photo brings back happy memories of a lovely week away staying in cottage in Burford and visiting cotswold wildlife park (below) and Broadway tower.
My dad was skilled garden and spent most of his time in his, his mothers and other peoples garden. This photo of my son reminds me of him and time we spent in the garden..this is his fork!..We had large garden and he also had allotment too..Sadly my dads well attended allotments is now cark park ..

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  1. It's always lovely to reminice about our childhood - or for most of us it is. I know some don't have a good time during childhood but I did. Thank you Mum and Dad for making my childhood the best - as it appears your Dad helped with yours, Leah